Blue Bodies


This poetry collection is not about a series of love stories that were not meant to be. Neither about the momentary death that every ending is. It’s not about rotten corpses, not about nostalgia, despair, sorrow, madness and all kinds of conflicting elements that conquer one’s twisted heart and mind. They are just an attempt to capture that very moment, that of the inevitable separation of two beloved ones, the highest and sharpest peak of love itself. And they are not sad, but blue. Yes, utterly blue.

Author’s C.V

Panagiotis Tsitos is 28 years old (12/06/93). He was born and raised in Athens, Greece. He studied in Panteion University of Athens, in the Department of Sociology, and later on he completed the Master’s Degree of the same Department, specializing in Social and Political Theory. His acquaintance with literature started in an early age, mainly through the works of classical authors, such as Dickens, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Following that, during his university studies, he ‘met’ with Bukowski, Camus, Huysmans, the «cursed poets» and the beat generation (especially Kerouac and Burroughs), the works of whom inspired him to occupy himself devotedly with existential literature, human passions and marginal literature. Along with literature, a significant influence on him had the study of philosophy, especially that of Nietzsche ‘s and post-Nietzsche theories, the works of Marx, Heidegger, Sartre, Bataille and Marcuse, among others. Apart from written language, he evenly draws inspiration from music (classical, jazz, bebop, rock, hip hop), as well as from the cinema (David Lynch’s filmography, for instance).