How can I publish my book instantly?

If you are sure that your book is ready and edited, you can trust the Booksforyou Self-Publishing service and you will have it in your hands ready to be available to the reading audience within a few days. The self-publishing service of Booksforyou comes accompanied by the long experience of Media & Publishing Group to offer you the immediate and fast, without the time-consuming procedures traditionally followed in a publishing house, of low price but of high quality edition of your book while you maintain the exclusive copyright and commercial rights and the exclusive supervision in the promotion processes.

What is self-publishing

Self-publishing is an easy way to publish, promote and sell your book to readers yourself. In this endeavor, however, you will need to work with experts to avoid technical procedures that you aren’t familiar with or you would like to avoid, thus achieving the best possible quality in the final edition of your book. Such processes are ISBN edition, paging, and cover creation. This is where the work of Booksforyou and its specialized collaborators begins, in whom you can trust your book for a technically and artistically perfect result.

To whom is Booksforyou self-publishing service addressed?

Booksforyou Self-Publishing is addressed to authors whose book is ready for publication and who wish to have it directly in their hands. It’s not about publications with illustrations, visual arts, diagrams, tables, etc. but to purely literary texts of any kind. Regarding any editing of the text, Booksforyou only works as an advisor, recommending an experienced editor to any writer who wishes it. Booksforyou undertakes the pagination, the creation of the cover, the printing and the delivery of the copies to the author (See in detail which services Booksforyou offers below).

Why to self-publish my book through Booksforyou

Following the path of self-publishing through Booksforyou you will have the opportunity to bypass possible denials but also the hold of months that usually takes the process followed in the publishing houses and to publish your book immediately and fast. You will have complete control of your project without interventions that you don’t wish for. You will retain the full copyright and commercial rights of your book and will have sole supervision over the distribution, sale and promotion process.

What do I have to do to publish my book through Booksforyou?
The process you will follow to proceed with the self-publishing of your book through Booksforyou is very simple. First you will choose the pricing pack that serves your needs and is proportional to the words that your book numbers. The pack can be purchased through Viva or Paypal. Then you will receive an email with your order and the special form Create Your Book where you will upload the material of your book – text, back cover summary (up to 190 words), resume (up to 160 words), author photo (optional) and front cover image (if any), following the relevant instructions. Alternatively you can send your material to and one of Booksforyou team partners will contact you.
What services does Booksforyou provide?
  • ISBN edition
  • Pagination in a specific layout and with a specific font
  • Cover creation with development in a specific format
    → The writer sends the cover illustration, if available. Otherwise, a plain cover will be selected from the colours available.
  • Printing the book and delivery you the copies.
    → The books are sent wherever you want by General Post, recipient fee.
  • Sale of your book in the e-shop and the Bookstore of Vakxikon (Solonos 110 Athens) if you wish.
    → In case you want to sell your book in the e-shop and the Bookstore of Vakxikon don’t forget at the end of the process of buying your pack to check the checkbox so the relevant contract to be sent to you.
How much will the self-publishing of my book at Booksforyou cost?

Booksforyou, listening to the demands of the reading audience for quality literature but also to the needs of the current author, offers low priced and at the same time competitive, in terms of quality – price, packs in the self-publishing market. See in detail: