Underground literature: Another return, a trip to Lugano – Liakos Bournovas


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Liakos Bournova’s book “Another return, a trip to Lugano” is the only and authentic Greek stoner novel, part of the “aristocratic nonsense” trilogy starring Boy.

“I am Boy and I welcome you to my world, where everything is sold and bought, just like in yours. Come with me and don’t be afraid of anything, see our essence, don’t be scared by the labels. Let’s go around so you meet my brothers – they are waiting for us. I want you to learn about us, to feel, to see our naked truth with your own eyes, without prudish filters and stirring propaganda. We will walk in Lugano, you and me, accompanied by the Aristocratic Scumbags, crocked as always. I’m Boy, the dealer in your neighborhood, trust me! “Our art is to produce life and we must never forget that.”

ISBN: 978-618-5144-02-9 | Pages: 496

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