Social, political and satirical theater: Three books by Greek authors


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A story about violence hidden behind the locked doors of the modern family and three different political works, a satire that deconstructs the political world, a story of female self-determination and an x-ray of the great demonstrations of the time of the squares and their repression.

Books included in the pack:

Red – Panagiotis Barbagiannis

Mom and Dad have a disabled son. They take care of him and love him. On one condition: that he loves them too. Silently. “Red” is a story about violence, hidden violence, the one that in the modern family is concealed behind locked doors. Should we open?

ISBN: 978-960-638-082-2 | Pages: 42

Hope becomes Nightmare / End – Xenia Politi

The main source of inspiration for the play “Hope becomes Nightmare” of Xenia Politi were the Movements of the Squares and the violence with which they were suppressed. In “End” we “live” the internal and external wandering of Asimina and through it the issue of female self-determination.

ISBN: 978-618-5286-48-4 | Pages: 122

Don’t call me a deputy – Dimitris Konstantaras

A good MP – at least for the world – no longer exists. He or she exists only for the TV shows and is the one who quarrels even with his cufflinks. The theatrical play by Dimitris Konstantaras captures all the distortions from the peculiar world of politics.

ISBN: 978-618-5286-73-6 | Pages: 80

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