Swiss poetry: Two books by remarkable poetesses


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Two bilingual poetry collections by two remarkable Swiss poetesses. Different themes, different poetry, but deep existentialism and awareness in the poetry books of Oppliger and Erlanger.

Books included in the pack:

The Untold – Marie-Pascale Oppliger

In this bilingual poetry collection, the Swiss poet takes a dip in the past and the long lasting experience she had as a child in hospital wards. All stages, from fear to resignation and from marginalization to self-isolation, pass, not in front of the eyes, but from the soul of the reader.

ISBN: 978-960-638-054-9 | Pages: 130

Signs / The Dwarf – Susanna Erlanger

This bilingual edition includes the poetry collection “Signals” and the stage poem “The Dwarf”. Susanna Erlanger writes poetry that is existential and full of emotion, she writes lyrical but simple poetry at the same time. Vivid images, allegories and symbolism are not missing from her verses.

ISBN: 978-395-243-520-5 | Pages: 88

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