Surrealistic poetry: Small anthologies of French surreal poetry


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All I wanted was to present in my own way some of the most prolific, each in its own way, poetic testimonies of the period of a literary movement that deeply shaped French, and not only, literature. Z. D. Ainalis

More than a literary anthology, this translation is a diary of readings, translation studies and personal preferences. The intention of the anthologist-translator Z. D. Ainalis is to gather in a book some of the most important moments of the French poetry of the 20’s, in order to try to capture the impetus, the freshness, the radicalism, the lyricism and the paradox hermeticity of the poetic expression of the generation that came of age in the trenches of the World War I.

ISBN: 978-618-5286-20-0 | Pages: 146

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