Pack of Greek literature: Three novels and a novelette


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Three novels and a novelette for those who love good prose. What happens when a literary hero tries to take the reins from the author? How far can an inventor go for music? Where do extreme passions lead? And where a strong friendship?

Books included in the pack:

Casu consulto – Katerina Andrianaki

In Katerina Andrianaki’s novel “Casu consulto” a literary hero wants to define his fate and prove to his famous but depressing author that readers need positive role models. However, their differences in the field of writing seem to be unbridgeable from the beginning. Things will get out of control…

ISBN: 978-960-638-092-1 | Pages: 200

The Inventor – Antonis Xyrafas

If music is the only art form with which one can go so clearly and deeply beyond things, then what would a lonely inventor do for it? The answer to the novel by Antonis Xyrafas “The Inventor”.

ISBN: 978-960-638-063-1 | Pages: 250

Dark Paradise – Stratos Pontis

The book “Dark Paradise” by Stratos Pontis, based on true events, is a novel that captures the intense and fatal human passions which usually lead to extreme situations and conditions.

ISBN: 978-618-5286-74-3 | Pages: 242

Imagination touches reality – Dimitra Tsalama

Dimitra Sp. Tsalamas’ book “Imagination touches reality” is a novelette that tells the story of Mauritia’s first meeting with Patrick. This relationship develops into a strong, trusting friendship with many extensions, and takes place in the historic city of Monemvasia.

ISBN: 978-960-638-069-3 | Pages: 92

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