Greek poetry before and behind dreams: Three books


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Daydreaming, endless dreams and dreamy roads. Dreamy poetry, but not easy, often a punch in the face. Three remarkable Greek poetry collections.

Books included in the pack:

The diary of a dreamer – Stratos Pontis

In his poetry collection “The diary of a dreamer” Stratos Pontis leads the reader not only to easy, but also to difficult paths. He makes them wonder, he makes them to seek after words: When did beauty blur? When did the attraction become a forgotten hymn and the feeling doesn’t touch flesh?

ISBN: 978-618-5286-77-4 | Pages: 98

The endlessness of dream – Antonis Perdikaris

The poetry of Antonis Perdikaris in the collection “The endlessness of dream” is truly dreamy. Love comes from the sea, with the sea, and the images described, in free verse, escape from the petty reality. A poetic collection that will give the reader endless dreams.

ISBN: 978-618-5286-25-5 | Pages: 86

Dreamy roads – Litsa Kavakou Stratigou

The poetic collection “Dream Roads” by Litsa Kavakou Stratigou includes poetry full of emotions, vivid images, innermost thoughts, distillations of a lifetime. These are poems taken from dreamy paths that touch the soul.

ISBN: 978-618-5144-16-6 | Pages: 62

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