Two books for the lovers of French poetry


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Vakxikon Publications from their “birth” until today offer readers good poetry from around the world. In this offer good poetry comes from France by the pen of Bruno Doucey and Mikaël Hautchamp.

Books included in the pack:

The silent ones – Bruno Doucey

The French poet and publisher Bruno Doucey is committed to defending the poetry of the world. He does it in his poetry collection “The silent ones”, a journey full of crossroads to meet the others. In this journey he does not forget Greece to which a part of his poetry book is dedicated.

ISBN: 978-960-638-015-0 | Pages: 138

Forming a line without a trace – Mikaël Hautchamp

It is a bilingual publication in Greek and French of the poet Mikaël Hautchamp, who has served as director of the Palace of Versailles and the National Library of France and has been the Educational Counselor of the French Embassy in Greece and the director of the French Institute.

ISBN: 978-618-5286-54-5 | Pages: 76

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