Two crime gems


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Good crime novels are usually the ones you do not let go of your hands until they are over. “Twelve ticktocks” by Nikos Gonidis and “The Death of the Collector” by Panagiotis Konstantopoulos belong to this category.

Books included in the pack:

Twelve ticktocks – Nikos Gonidis

A mysterious stranger enters the office of the infamous detective Manos Pavlidis. His quiet and safe life is disturbed by the strange offer he receives: he will get 40.000€ on one and only condition for repayment, to solve the case no later than the last minute of the last day of the year…

ISBN: 978-960-638-101-0 (Ιανουάριος 2020) // 978-960-638-112-6 (Φεβρουάριος 2020) | Pages: 194

The death of the collector – Panagiotis Konstantopoulos

Two significant -identical- dates, two parallel stories, a detective who has no muscles, is not an alcoholic nor cursed nor a model of lifestyle… But at the same time he is not an ordinary everyday guy of next door…

ISBN: 978-618-5286-59-0 | Pages: 186


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