Five books of poetry by remarkable Greek poetesses


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Broken summers, sunny summers, small and big thoughts, vivid dreams but also frustrated by five remarkable Greek poetesses.

Books included in the pack:

Broken times – Chrysanthi Iakovou

“Broken Times” by Chrysanthi Iakovou contains thirty-seven poems of existential, erotic and social poetry as well as photographs of the poetess herself.

ISBN: 978-618-5286-00-2 | Pages: 66

Dunes – Margarita St. Kontou

“Dunes” is the sixth in a row poetry collection of the very prolific Margarita St. Kontou. Poems with deep social content.

ISBN: 978-960-638-106-5 | Pages: 70

The light when transplanting – Georgia Makrogiorgou

“The light when transplanting” is the first poetry collection of Georgia Makrogiorgou with poems that flow towards surrealism and which are accompanied by photographs of the poetess herself.

ISBN: 978-960-638-078-5 | Pages: 74

It’s been a long time – Evi Louba

Evi Louba’s first poetry collection “It’s been a long time” has a summer scent and contains poems full of sensitivity and optimism.

ISBN: 978-960-638-053-2 | Pages: 70

Half God – Maria Tzika

The poetry collection “Half God” by Maria Tzika includes 33 poems and is dedicated to both children and women. Poetry strong and experiential.

ISBN: 978-960-638-025-9 | Pages: 50

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