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Who we are

Booksforyou is the new step of Vakxikon.gr Media & Publishing Group. A step guided by the central philosophy of our publications: to bring good literature and poetry to the world and the world close to good literature and poetry. That’s why we created the e-shop Booksforyou  Bazaar that offers readers books by Vakxikon Publications at special offers and the self-publishing service Booksforyou Self-publishing which gives the opportunity to interested authors to proceed to the immediate and fast publication of their book.

Booksforyou Bazaar

In the e-shop Booksforyou Bazaar the readers have the opportunity to find books of Vakxikon / To Mellon / Vintagebooks Publications at big discounts and to discover titles from the following categories: Greek and Foreign Literature, Greek Poetry, Poetry from all over the World, Young Poets, Greek and Foreign Theater, Non-fiction, Children / Teen Books, With critics eye, EUPLbooks, Vintagebooks.

Publish your book fast and right away

The self-publishing service of Booksforyou comes accompanied by the long experience of Vakxikon.gr Media & Publishing Group to offer the authors the immediate, fast -without the time-consuming procedures traditionally followed by a publishing house- of low price but of high quality edition of their book. If their book is ready, the authors will be able to receive it straight away in the number of copies they desire, ready for distribution to the reading audience. 

The authors who choose to self-publish at Booksforyou automatically acquires the support and know-how of our group (layout, cover creation, printing) until the publication of their book while retaining the exclusive commercial rights and freedom of movements in the promotion processes. As an additional service, if they wish, their book can be sold by Booksforyou e-shop and the Bookstore of Vakxikon (Solonos 110, Athens). See a detailed description of the services offered and pricing: